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I’ve been holding my breath

It feels like I’ve been holding my breath for over a year… almost two now. I’ve been away, plumbing the depths of my soul, making connections with the earth’s spirits, making friends with the faceless. I had thought that perhaps… Continue Reading →

This bird’s flying the coop, leaving Florida in the rearview for a few days… might have some posts from the road, we’ll see!

Nobody likes me! Dealing with short story rejection

Rejection. That’s what I got on Friday night. After dinner with my in-laws, just before we left I went to the bathroom and checked my email and saw this: Dear Mr. Hall, Thank you for your submission. Unfortunately at this… Continue Reading →

Lucius Shepard is dead

Damn, terrible news on such a beautiful day. Lucius Shepard was one of the most under-appreciated writers of fiction, science fiction and cyberpunk of a generation. As this blog post notes, he was prolific as a short story writer and… Continue Reading →

Energy begets energy, words beget words

All right, how’s everyone’s 2014 shaping up so far? Pretty good, right? Words flying out of you like a spastic colon? Excellent, excellent. Wait, you in the back, muttering under your breath, what was that? You’re still in a post-holiday… Continue Reading →

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