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We list sideways in the open boat,
dreams, like scabs descend upon open wounds.

Slop the hog

A new poem, mulling over memories and loss.

Idle Chatter about Orangutans, Travel Pants, and Adventure

Just some idle chatter for your hump day. [View the story “Travel Pants, Orangutans and Adventure” on Storify]

Little (BIG) Breakthroughs in Novel Planning

Some days just make you feel ebullient, happy and ready to take on the world. Today started out that way for me, as I worked out some new plot hooks for my current work in progress (WIP from here on)…. Continue Reading →

Post Gen Con 2015 wrap up

I’m back in sultry South Florida from Gen Con, sitting outside while a cool morning breeze blows through. I’m covered in a sheen of sweat but all things considered, it’s still nice out before the midday sun makes everything undoable…. Continue Reading →

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