A productive weekend

Went to a barbecue this weekend at a friend’s house that featured a fire in their backyard. Why this is so noteworthy is because, well, it’s July and I live in Florida. Normally this time of year we would be suffocating under a blanket of oppressive humidity and temps that don’t dip too much below 80 degrees at night. I’m sure August and September will end up fulfilling their promise though.

I also ended up spending a good amount of time canning some tomatoes that Juliette’s mom had dropped off earlier in the week and had some fun trying my hand at baking bread. I’ve definitely got a lot to learn in both areas but this theme of self-sustainability has really been taking over in my life lately.

On Saturday I got some writing done which felt really good. It wasn’t very much but I did it with joy and excitement instead of feeling anxious to hit a certain word count within a certain amount of time. Joy is the key element that has been missing lately and it was an awesome thing to recover.