Lammas Day – first harvest

Lammas Day – first harvest

In some cultures yesterday was called Lammas Day (or loaf-mas), the date of the first wheat harvest of the year. I’m trying to think about that metaphorically as it applies to my own life, my own goals for this year.

Days before this year even began, I had started out on what felt like a doomed journey. I wanted to lose weight and fairly significant amounts of it. I didn’t really think that it was possible when I joined Weight Watchers but I’m happy to say that eight months into it, I’ve lost over 30 pounds. Lately it’s stalled out a bit, I’ve still got another 20 to go before I hit my ‘ideal’ weight but I’m hoping to reinvigorate my effort.

I also started out with the very ambitious goal of writing a novel by June first. Many of you who’ve read this blog for a time are familiar with that, because the blog itself was all about that at one point. As time went on, I began to realize that my goal, with every other thing happening in my life had become a bit unrealistic. Happily I can report that I still carry on, fully committed to seeing this book through and taking the lessons from it into my future works. Lately I’ve been waking up an hour early in order to get a jump on the day and it’s been helpful. It usually takes until my second cup of coffee before I really get going though. I’m looking forward to the day when I can sit down and spend all of my working hours on writing. Fingers crossed.

Some seeds I planted didn’t take. I still have yet to get a short story published. Though I tried, after returning to the story that I submitted, I’m glad it wasn’t approved. It wasn’t very good.

The plan to take online courses or workshops didn’t really pan out too well either. I came close, a couple of times, but then I realized that doing so would take time away from writing the book and decided that was more important.

So on this first harvest, I’m satisfied with what I’ve achieved and I look forward to challenge myself to achieve more as the year begins to wind down. Here’s to reaping the rewards of hard work.

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