Starting a serious writing blog

One of the issues that I frequently struggle with on this blog is just maintaining it. As a person who is really giving a serious go at moving from being a writer to being an author I’m always wondering how I can use the lessons I’ve learned and share them here. Half of the time, I just feel like this is part journal, more prone to being read by myself when I’m trying to recall something than being read by anyone else.

Nevertheless, I do want this to be a form of communication and discussion. The discussion part is hardest to kick off because I feel like you need to have created something to have discussion around (ie novels or short stories) rather than just the blog posts themselves. While I have written short stories and I am writing a novel, I haven’t published anything to date.

I was excited earlier this week to see a post by Sean Taylor, author of comic books, book-books and more where he discussed this very subject. It’s worth a read, especially if you’re as dense as I am and the concept of planning blog posts and setting goals seem like an epiphany (we all learn at our own pace, in my case that pace is set by a newborn puppy with a roller skate tied to one foot).

Some of the things I took from his post:

  • Set a goal for each week. He shot for three posts but when he started his, he was already a working writer. Since I’m still working in the straight world I think my goal should be more like one to two per week. That would already be a 100% improvement over what I’ve done recently.
  • Interviews with other authors. I’ve done this once when I interviewed E.J. Newman. It’d be nice to do some more. The problem with most writers is that we’re all so damn busy trying to produce our own work that taking time out to write some responses can be a big distraction. I’ll do my best to scare up some people though. And if you’re a writer reading this, especially a published author and you’d like to volunteer yourself for some free publicity, please use my contact form.
  • Build up your network. South Florida can feel a little artistically barren. There are other authors who live in the area but I’ll be damned if I know where they are or how to find them. So I try networking online with people, reading and commenting on their twitter or blog posts. If you’re an author in the area, and especially if you write in the genres, please use my contact form, I’d love to get some sort of community going here.
  • Cover regular themes on regular days. I think this will help me post more consistently, so now to decide what those will be.