Morning Cuppa – 01/21/13 – NOSTALGIA!!! Joel Hodgson; Arcades; Lunar hoaxes!

The stars have aligned to make this an all-nostalgia day for me… a few quick links and I’ll send you on your way, wondering, “what ever happened to those good old days? Where are my slap bracelets?” And, “boy, I’m hungry for SPAM®!”

    • On Verge they write about the life and death of the American arcade, it’s a long piece but if you are old enough to have lived through the glory days of the arcade (Aladdin’s Castle, anyone?) then it will tickle you in your nostalgia bone.
    • A review of Joel Hodgson‘s “Riffing Myself” as told by a lifelong MSTie. It’s brief but there are some definite nostalgic moments for me here. Much like the author, I also stumbled upon the show in 1991 or 92 and became hooked.
    • Why the Apollo moon hoax conspiracy theory was technically impossible to perpetrate: