Morning Cuppa – 01/25/13 – Friday! Star Wars! JJ Abrams gets mad at me!

It’s Friday, you rebel scum, and I have a Jawa’s Sandcrawler full of Star Wars news to share.

  • I’ve been sitting on this one for quite some time… it was embargoed by upper management at the Death Star but I can finally share that Darth Vader is returning to CNNdarth-vader-face
  • JJ Abrams MUST have read my blog and saw me mention the term Super 8 yesterday with nary a whisper of his name. Well, he threw a shit-fit and came out to the Wrap, saying, “I’m directing the next god damn Star Wars, let’s see that asshole forget to mention me now!”*
  • And for the trifecta, writes about the odd differences between the original Star Wars movie (yes, original, wanna fight about it?) and the novelization of the movie. Seems odd there’d be any differences. Normally a movie novelization is just a crappy reproduction of the movie, cynically added to buff out the marketing plan and dry-hump an idea for some quick coin. No one ever accused anyone within the Star Wars franchise of doing that though.


*JJ Abrams probably didn’t say this.