Morning Cuppa – 01/28/13 – Bad news booksellers! Anonymous asteroids! ALA reading list!

The gears grind to life, the wail of the working class echos across the lifeless January landscape, it must be Monday. Hopefully I’ve got some interesting tidbits to power you through a small part of it. Definitely check out the link about Anonymous, I tried it out and it still works.

  • Tired of downloading apps? I’m not quite there but app saturation is catching up with me. PBS’s MediaShift writes an intriguing article about the minimalist design that some publishers are trying out. Basically, you subscribe and get ONLY CONTENT, without a lot of clunky, kinda-works sort of features. It’s so counter to the way everything else is going right now I think it just might work.anonymous-ussc-hacked-7-620x362
  • More bad news for booksellers, B&N’s CEO Mitchell Klipper announced that they’ll likely be closing a third of their stores over the next 10 years.
  • Given that bad news, it’s more important now to support the hell out of your favorite and emerging authors. Chuck Sambuchino shares his thoughts on how to do it. Would you believe the first suggestion is to buy their book? 😉
  • The American Library Association’s Reference and User Services Association announced its reading list for 2013. For fantasy: The Rook by Daniel O’Malley, for horror: The Ritual by Adam Nevill, for sci-fi: Caliban’s War by James S. A. Corey. Other genres are covered and there are short-list and “read-alike” selections worth checking out.
  • Activist hacker group Anonymous has managed to hack several U.S. government websites in protest of their prosecution of Aaron Swartz. The hack allows users to go to one of the sites, enter the Konami code and then play an Asteroids-like game that blasts away all of the contents of the page and reveals a tribute to him.
  • Satanists rally for Florida governor Rick Scott.