Morning Cuppa – 02/02/13 – Birdemic! Short fiction contest! Tobias Buckell!

It’s a beautiful Saturday morning and the blue jays are screeching like a couple of meth heads fighting over an old hat. I’m going to ease you into your weekend with a couple of sad stories, but I won’t leave you there, I promise. We’ll end on the highest of high notes, with the boys at Rifftrax.

  • Jay Lake got his identity stolen this week and got staples out after his recent surgery. Wishing you well Jay, and a pox on the person who attempted to rip you off. 
  • Wil Wheaton received a touching email from a family who watched all of Tabletop while the father was sick in the hospital. Sadly, he passed away, but they said that the show introduced them to games that brought them all closer together as they struggled through a difficult time.
  • LitReactor opened the gates on a short fiction competition called Teleport Us. Check out the link for the full details, winners will get a chance to be critiqued by Chuck Wendig, Adam Christopher, Kat Howard and Joseph Nassise, among others.
  • Tobias Buckell announced that he sold a couple of YA novels to Tor/Starscape, congrats Tobias!
  • Finally the Rifftrax Live recording for Birdemic went on sale this week. I didn’t get a chance to catch it in the theater when it was live, but now I can finally watch all of the horrid, horrid glory that is this: