Morning Cuppa – 02/03/13 – Steal Trent Reznors! Bloody new albums! Gaiman advice!

A few brief link shares for you this morning, a couple of a musical bend. Today we record our first official episode of the podcast, more on that hopefully later this week.

  • After frustrations with the pricing of his album in Australia, Trent Reznor tells the crowd at one of his shows to, “steal, steal and steal some more.” 
  • My Bloody Valentine released their first studio album in 20 some years called m b v.
  • Random House has released a book discovery engine, called Bookscout, as an app in Facebook. The interface is a little clunky but it’s interesting to note that they don’t limit recommendations to their own collection.
  • As his long-time friend Clive Barker is going through a bout of ill health, Neil Gaiman shares some great advice he received from him at World Fantasy in London back in 1988.