Morning Cuppa – 02/04/13 – Break writing rules! Glitter & Madness! Drunk Hulk!

It’s Monday. I hate it. You hate it. Let’s hug it out.

    • io9 shares their 10 Writing Rules that they wish more genre novels would break. Some of the highlights:
      • No third person omniscient. I couldn’t agree more. There’s been a trend for a decade or more of first person or limited third. I’d love to see a change back or even a balance in stories told from different viewpoints.
      • No unsympathetic characters. Listen, no one liked Sauron and somehow the Lord of the Rings still found success.
      • I think the takeaway for writers here is that there are some tropes that are used ad nauseum. Make sure your idea is a compelling one before aping what’s come before.
    • The Glitter & Madness kickstarter has hit nearly $6000 of the $15k that they need and only 12 days left. It’s a great idea for an anthology and I hope that they get their funding.
    • Drunk Hulk took to heart the message from the poem read by Paul Harvey in that Dodge commercial.