Morning Cuppa – 02/10/13 – Space Marines, againz! Clive Barker! Self publishing!

I’m gearing up this morning for recording our second podcast (I promise I’ll share more some time this week). But here are some interesting things for you, including a follow-up to the space marines issue.

  • Congrats to M.C.A. Hogarth for getting her book reinstated on Amazon. Hogarth’s novel, Spots the Space Marine was at the center of a controversy that flared up last week after Games Workshop stated that the term “space marine” was their trademark and requested that Amazon remove her e-book from the store, which they promptly did. After an uproar online and some help from the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Amazon reinstated the book. 
  • Congrats also this morning go to Clive Barker and Robert McCammon for receiving lifetime achievement awards from the Horror Writer’s Association. The awards will be given at World Horror this June in New Orleans.
  • After five novels author Holly Robinson hadn’t found a publisher and decided to go indy. Shortly after she self-published she received an offer from a major. Should you publish your own novel? She shares her experiences and gives you four things to consider.
  • Proving… something that I’d be able to elucidate upon more clearly if it weren’t Sunday morning, it has come to light that romance novelist Jessica Blair is an 89-year-old man.
  • Apex Books Company’s Lesley Connor discusses what it’s like being the Vice President of Getting the Word Out.

Finally, don’t forget my February offer: if you’re an author and would like me to purchase a copy of your book, leave a comment on this blog post.