Social Networks are crapz! Except not! (sometimes)

The Passive Voice links to a blog post by the Militant Writer that explains why Twitter and Facebook are a total waste of time for book promotion. With very few exceptions I would agree. I can’t stand it when authors auto-post the same promotional tweets over and over. Can you? She says:

The Rowlings, Gaimans, Atwoods and Rushdies may attract attention for what they have to say (which is, please note, not normally related to their books), but nobody gives a damn what the rest of us think, about anything.

As I’ve argued in a previous post, if you’re using social networks for blunt force marketing, you’re doing it wrong. You should engage people through them as a human who writes, not as an author with the overt agenda to make sales. You do that covertly by being an interesting person and staying in people’s minds. That’s my take at least.