Morning Cuppa – 02/16/13 – Short Fiction Saturday

Round two of the Short Fiction Saturday is a go, I hope these stories find you snuggled up warm in your bed looking for a good read.

  • Kristine Kathryn Rusch shared The Flower Man:
    • Talia and Max seldom work together at a crime scene, but on this one they must, not just because of the lives lost or the way they died, but because of the memories the crime brings up. Now, Talia must employ her best forensics skills to solve the murder—and salvage her own memories in the process.
  • Nightmare Magazine has The Goosle by Margo Lanagan:
    • “There,” said Grinnan as we cleared the trees. “Now, you keep your counsel, Hanny-boy.” Why, that is the mudwife’s house, I thought. Dread thudded in me. Since two days ago among the older trees when I knew we were in my father’s forest, I’d feared this.
  • Angel Season by J.T. Petty:
    • Jeremy’s girlfriend is pregnant, and he returns home to the mountains to tell his drunken, ne’er-do-well father. The only thing Jeremy’s dad was ever good at was hunting angels, a dangerous pursuit but a profitable one, often netting thousands of dollars to the hunter for the sale of a single “rack,” (the wings.) Since the angel hunt was outlawed more than a decade ago, Jeremy’s dad has slid steadily downhill. With the news of Jeremy’s impending fatherhood, he and his dad engage in one final hunt.
  • A very ‘adult’ fairy tale by Robert E. Stutts, Hungry:
    • Even in high summer, paths through these woods are difficult to find, let alone follow, overrun as they are with brambles and briars and bracken. But in summer there is the sun above you to warm your head, and the green of trees to cheer your heart.

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