Morning Cuppa – 02/22/13 – Start your novel right! Amazon sued! Game of Thrones prequel!

Today is ALL books ALL day. Happy Friday

  • Bad news for self-published authors, it seems that half of all book purchases on Amazon are pre-planned. This means that the purchases come from people who have browsed elsewhere, likely a bookstore and then made a purchase on the site, rather than using Amazon’s algorithm for discovery. (credit Passive Voice)
  • A new lawsuit from independent bookstores accuses Amazon’s Kindle DRM of creating a de facto monopoly that gives them over 60% market share with dwindling competition. It’s an uphill battle for them but I hope for the sake of the industry that they are able to claim some victory.
  • George RR Martin is talking Game of Thrones prequels now, possibly to air on HBO.
  • Author Janice Hardy shares three ways to ground readers in your world. As I embark on my next project, these little tidbits shared by successful writers have proven invaluable.
  • Another great set of tips that I’ve been reading and re-reading came from the Writer’s Digest email where they give five great tips for starting a novel right.
  • And of course, my February offer to authors… if you’re an author who would like me to read your book, please leave a comment below.