Morning Cuppa – 03/02/13 – Short Fiction Saturday

This week’s short fiction features a trio of stories, sci-fi and horror, full steam ahead. So grab a cuppa something warm and prepare to be delighted!

  • The Memory Coder by Jessica Brody from’s free fiction this week.
    • When a security breach is detected, the Memory Restoration Department is called upon to do what they do best: make you forget. But with every memory that’s taken out, a new one must be installed in its place. It’s a job that requires skill, artistry, discretion, and flawless proficiency in the language of memories. That’s why only the best programmers in the world are recruited to work for the department. But diving too far into another person’s memories is a dangerous endeavor. And for some, the temptation is just too strong.
  • Nightmare Magazine pulls one from the crypt with Norman Partridge’s Blackbirds
    • On an August morning in the summer of 1960, a man dressed in black shattered the kitchen window at the Peterson home. The house was empty.
      Major Peterson was at the base, writing a report on the importance of preparedness in the peacetime army. Mrs. Peterson was shopping for groceries. Their daughter Tracy was doing volunteer work at the local hospital.
  • Zebulon Vance Sings the Alphabet Songs of Love by Merrie Haskell is up to peruse from the fine folks at Apex Magazine
    • The noon show is the three-hour 1858 Booth production. The most fashionable historical war remains the First American Civil. Whenever FACfans discover that Lincoln’s assassin played Horatio, they simply must come and gawk at this titillating replica of their favorite villain playing no one’s favorite character.