Morning Cuppa – 03/03/13 – Scientific breakthroughs! Neil Gaiman! Reader poll!

A late Sunday start for me because I was in a Google Hangout with my mom and sis this morning. I love that I have been able to witness technology evolve in my lifetime, especially seeing progress that allows me to feel closer to people who are thousands of miles away. To that end a couple of links about how technology is changing how we do things and then a Neil Gaiman post.

  • Just came across this great mapping software for your RPG table called Roll20. Looks like it would be good for bringing friends together across country for gaming. In my group’s case, it could be cool to bring one of our friends back into the action… on our end I could see connecting it to a projector while he plays on his computer.
  • I read about this amazing scientific discovery that could literally change the world and our relationship with energy consumption. I’m no scientist but this seems like one of those ‘great leaps forward’. Building on the discovery of graphene, one of the toughest substances ever created, scientists were able to produce it in a lab using consumer level electronics. That you or I could create our own graphene in our home is amazing enough but the truly amazing discovery came when they sent a current through it.
  • And for fans of Neil Gaiman, a lot of exciting announcements… HBO will be producing an American Gods series that will run two seasons. While that’s going on he’ll be writing a sequel to the book which will provide material for successive seasons. There’s going to be a movie of the Graveyard Book produced by Disney and a prequel to the Sandman series is in the offing.

And now, if you don’t mind, I’d love to get some feedback from the folks who come to my blog. Please take a moment to answer the questions below, it will help make my blog more useful!