Morning Cuppa – 03/06/13 – Fake Geeks! Superman shelved! Princess Leia!

I go on a rant today, put on your leather helmets, chaps!

  • This article from Apex Magazine felt especially relevant to me, especially considering the podcast that I run. It’s about casual fandom and the obnoxious trope of the “fake geek girl”. It’s written by Kelly McCullough about he and his wife. Kelly is the author of the WebMage and Fallen Blade series, his full time job is writing scifi and fantasy. He’s also a third generation scifi fan whose mother and grandmother received a personalized thank you from the original Star Trek cast for helping to run a letter writing campaign to save the show.
    That being said, he professes that while he and his wife would both consider themselves to be fans and geeks for various long-standing shows like Star Trek or Firefly, they’re not Browncoats or Trekkies. They’ve even been known to cosplay in fandoms that they don’t have encyclopedic knowledge on. Shocking, right?
    It’s a very relatable article from someone who, “prefer[s] to arrange my fandoms around my life rather than my life around my fandoms.”
    There are some areas of geekery that I’m more informed on than others. Does that give me the right to be a dick when I see people getting excited about something that I discern they know less about? Absolutely not. As he quotes Lynne Thomas in the article don’t, “harsh their squee.” I look forward to discussing this more in the future and hopefully will get to talk about it (or even interview Kelly about it) on the aforementioned podcast.
  • According to the Huffington Post, Chris Sprouse, who was scheduled as the artist for the Superman comic book that was being penned by Orson Scott Card has pulled out, citing the controversy as the reason. The project is shelved for the moment until they can convince a new artist to come on board.
  • Carrie Fisher confirmed in a brief interview with Palm Beach Illustrated that she’ll be reprising her role as Princess Leia in the forthcoming Episode 7 of the new Star Wars!