Morning Cuppa – 03/13/13 – Hybrid Publishing! Google Glass! Robotic BEES!!!

Happy humpday folks, hope you have a good one, I’ve got work self-evals in my future [sad trombone].

  • The Passive Voice shares a snippet about romance author Marie Force who has enjoyed a lot of success using a hybrid publishing model. More and more authors are turning towards this model as a viable way to increase their exposure (and sales), reaching beyond what traditional publishers can offer them.
  • Are you ready for the sensory overload of Google Glass? The fashionably (?) framed interactive computers will be coming out soon and allow you to multitask like you’ve never multitasked before. But is the whole idea of multitasking a myth?
  • One of the oddest stories this morning is about robotic bees. The theory goes that bees are dying in record numbers from colony collapse disorder, no bees means no pollination means no food for you and me. So the Harvard Microrobotics Lab have designed tiny robots to do the job that bees are no longer capable of…  Considering that the logical next step is to put a camera on these buggers and that well, I’d rather just have bees doing bees’ jobs I hope that a cure for colony collapse disorder is found.