Morning Cuppa – 03/15/13 – Hugh Howey! Rhetorical questions? Star Wars High!

Happy Friday! We did it everyone! Pat yourself on the back and count down the hours until your sweet, blessed freedom…

  • Hugh Howey is a genius of self publishing. He released his book Wool as a series of short stories/novellas on Amazon’s Kindle tatooinemarketplace. After garnering a surprising amount of success he was courted by publishers but held out signing a deal until he got the contract he wanted. Simon & Schuster finally got him to ink a deal where he keeps sole ownership of publishing rights for ebooks while they’ll distribute print copies. He’s even sold the film rights with Ridley Scott rumored to be working on the project. In the new age of digital publishing, this guy knows his stuff. So when he gives advice about how to get ahead if you’re a wannabe writer, it’s good to turn an ear his way. 
  • The Creative Penn talks about using and overusing writing special effects… exclamation points! rhetorical questions? and more. I’m very guilty of the rhetorical question myself, take a peak and see what you can get rid of in order to streamline your writing.
  • The Mary Sue features some illustrations by Dennis Medri that speculate, what would Star Wars look like if it were set in a high school in the 80’s? The artwork is amazing, and though I doubt that he’d be able to get the rights to release it as a comic, it’s a fun idea.