Morning Cuppa – 03/17/13 – Cuppa go Brách! Neverwhere! The Winds of Khalakovo excerpt!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day you sad, hungover bastards. May this day be filled with odd tasting beef and potatoes and beer as black as Shane MacGowan’s teeth. No, don’t drink green beer, that’s just fucked up.

  • Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere radio play started yesterday on the Beeb and will continue for the next 6 weeks. Warning, the first three minutes of the recording are the end of another program, so skip forward to about 3:03 to get past it.
  • The Far Beyond Reality blog posted an excerpt from Brad Beaulieu’s The Winds of Khalakovo, the first volume of his Lays of Anuskaya trilogy. Brad recently split with Night Shade Books and decided to release the concluding volume as a self-published book. If you’re interested, check out his Kickstarter for that project.
  • Waterstones has dreamed up a way to get an edge on all the digital competition by partnering with Joanne Harris to release an exclusive-to-them chapter for her new paperback Peaches for Monsieur le Curé. The article (from the UK-based Independent) touts that this will be a boon for discoverability of mid-list authors. Here in the States, as the Passive Voice blog points out, our major chain, Barnes & Noble, virtually don’t carry mid-listers at all so the application here may be a bit less applicable.