Morning Cuppa – 03/18/13 – UnGeeks episode 5! Kickstarter! Free book!

It’s Monday and you’re boo-hoo-ing in your Cheerio’s about it and possibly vurping up corned beef and cabbage. Take a gander at what I’ve got on tap today to get that spring back in your step…

  • There’s a new episode of the podcast I do every week(-ish) up, Unqualified Geeks. This week we have guest ungeek and Omar’s brother, Jared joining the fun. We talk about Kickstarter, Veronica Mars, graphene-based super batteries, and more!
  • The Kickstarter discussion came about because of my frustration with people who start them without considering the end date but then the Veronica Mars kickstarter created a bit of a stir. The biggest question seemed to be, why do we need to kickstart something that a major corporation will profit from? Chuck Wendig responds on his blog about this today.
  • Whatever your opinion is of Dan Brown and his specific brand of thriller, I find it interesting that Doubleday is giving away free copies of The Da Vinci Code as a promo for his upcoming release, The Inferno. While the promotion is live, from the 17th-24th, you can find out how to download the free copy from Dan Brown’s website.