Morning Cuppa – 03/19/13 – Writing contest! Apex increases rates! Chain store implosion!

Here we go Tuesday, here we go! [stomp, stomp]

  • One of the most active sci-fi groups in the country, the Baltimore Science Fiction Society, has opened up for submissions to their Amateur Writing Contest. Not so fast though, you have to be a Maryland resident in order to qualify. I post it here to pose the question to you dear reader, why don’t I live in Maryland? These folks always have something cooking…
  • Apex Magazine has increased the pay rates for artwork, nonfiction and reprints, if any of these fall under your wheelhouse (score 2 points for using wheelhouse in my blog).
  • More bad news for U.S. bookstores, or at least chain bookstores, they “saw their share decrease from 32 percent to 19 percent of volume.” Meanwhile huge gains were made in the ebook retail space.
  • Chuck Wendig’s new fantasy novel is teased on io9, Gods and Monsters: Unclean Spirits. It’s part of a new series that he’s putting together and is available for pre-order now.
  • And Wil Wheaton has a Crusher family reunion with his “space mom” Gates McFadden.