Morning Cuppa – 03/20/13 – Happy spring! Teenage romance! Breaking writer’s block!

Good morning, and a happy first day of spring to all of you, even if you’re buried in snow right now… Frank-Frazetta

  • A neat idea for a website, if you’re suffering writer’s block or just looking for inspiration from different places, Typetrigger may be a great resource to get your fingers flying across the keys again. The goal for each prompt is 300 words or less, so it’s a low-stress, potentially high-yield activity… especially if it gets you going on your next story! (via Galleycat)
  • A 17-year-old just got a three-book deal for a new romance series. “After she posted her novel on the self-publishing site Wattpad, it received a site-breaking record 40 million hits and caught the notice of a Random House UK editor who sent her an email through the site.” Simply amazing the age that we live in where this sort of thing is even possible.
  • And as much as I rage against Amazon at times, I think that authors receiving monthly royalties payments is a good move on their part. This changes the scenario from before when they were doling out payments every three months.
  • Here’s a link to the collected spring gallery over on where today’s pic came from. This image was created by the late fantasy artist Frank Frazetta and I feel really captures the joy of the new season.