Morning Cuppa – 03/22/13 – PAX! Piracy! Publishing!

A glorious Friday to all of you, hope that you’re gearing up for a rewarding weekend, whatever that means for you.

  • As I may have mentioned yesterday, I’m a bit jelly that my buds are currently PAX-ing it up without me in Boston right now. Thankfully, I can catch a vid stream of all the events and check out the line up via Twitch!
  • Simon & Schuster will share their stats on internet piracy with their agents and authors now. I think it’d be hard to quantify true numbers, but they state that they will, “provide information about the number of infringements identified and takedown notices sent to infringing sites, success rates in removing infringements, the types of sites where infringement is occurring, the specific urls and geographic distribution of sites where unauthorized copies are offered and more.”
  • Passive Voice has an excerpt about self publishing and how the tables have turned and the industry is now being lead by cool new indie authors who are making their own rules.