Morning Cuppa – 03/24/13 – Snarky Sunday! Stop writing and write! Self promotion!

Watch out folks, I’m feeling punchy today! What is it about Sundays that bring out the snark? Enjoy your morning cuppa, suckas!

  • So you’ve taken the plunge and learned how to play that odd game Settlers of Catan that your weirdo uncle bought you for Christmas. And you know what? It was a lot cooler than you imagined! But at this point, it’s feeling almost as played out as that mouldering copy of Monopoly you’ve got stuffed back in the closet. Surely, there must be other games like Settlers? Wired’s GeekDad contributor Erik Wecks has you covered.
  • Should I remove all those “he said” ‘s? Did I front load too much action? Is the description of that baboons ass REALLY capturing the color that I want it to convey? STOP IT JUST STOP IT RIGHT NOW. Before you spend another minute or 30 or 60 rewriting that paragraph for the bazillionth time, take a moment to read this.
  • Are you getting into self publishing but don’t know jack about marketing? Before you start whining that you shouldn’t have to, remember, you’re self publishing. OF COURSE YOU HAVE TO. No one will ever hear about your book otherwise. But before you traipse off to schedule tweet-spam on Hootsuite with the same “tease phrase + link = send” five times a day until the end of time, consider what other folks are doing. For instance, Red Hen Press put little advertisements for their books on chocolate bars and handed them out at AWP. Did it work? Who the hell knows but people love chocolate more than bookmarks so they’ve got a leg up already. Apparently they’ve been doing this for the last decade though, so you should probably use the chocolate bar as a metaphor.