Morning Cuppa – 03/25/13 – Fight the toos! Plot twists! Game Theory!

Okay, okay, I give! I was all snarky with you guys yesterday and you ganged up and punished me with a Monday. I had my fun but I’ve learned my lesson. Guys? …. GUYS????

  • I find myself often questioning my writing (we wouldn’t be writers if we weren’t also slightly neurotic, right?). I’m mostly concerned with the question of “toos”. As Sam Sykes says over on his blog, “Is there too much violence?  Does life mean so little in this world?  Is there too much dialogue?  Is there too little plot development?  Is the worldbuilding too scant?  Is the existential angst of the companions too much?” My concerns are very similar to his but he gives a good defense for not being as concerned about it. Basically, if you can pull it off, why not? If you’re a good enough author, you can break the rules of story craft. I still side a little more on the side of, ‘I ain’t good enough yet to start breaking the rules.’ But if you can make it work for you, and you can convince other people you know what you’re doing, do it.
  • If you find yourself needing to add some zip to your story, writer superhero Chuck Wendig is here to give you 25 Turns, Pivots and Twists to Complicate Your Story. His advice is always of the oh shit, why didn’t I think about that variety, which makes him all the more god like.
  • Do you write while you’re tired? I guess we all do to some degree, but can you force yourself to sit down and power through when you’re absolutely knackered? Kristen Lamb makes the argument that this sort of weariness might be just what you need to get your internal editor to shut up and allow your inner child to come out and play on the page. For me, I’m not so sure this is the case. I’m usually pretty wiped when I get off of work at night and the thought of sitting down and trying to be creative feels less appealing than bamboo splinters being driven under my fingernails.
  • Then there’s this, Game Theory by Ithaca Audio: