Morning Cuppa – 03/29/13 – Kickstarter! Game of Thrones! Geek & Sundry!

Happy Friday folks, some of you are off on holiday and I consider you to be amongst the most foul and dispica– SORRY ABOUT THAT! My cat wrote that last part, hehe, silly kitty. Think of me as you sit around not working.  I MEAN IT! Oh and if you have HBO, you could make up for the fact that I have to work today by inviting me over for some Game of Thrones on Sunday.

  • MCA Hogarth (who was featured a little earlier this year on this blog) has a post up on the Science Fiction Writer’s Association website about Kickstarter, is it the right thing for the project you’re working on? She would know, having successfully funded five of her own in a single year. She’s even written a book about kickstarting.
  • If you’re as jazzed as I am that the new season of Game of Thrones starts up this Sunday, maybe you should consider having a dinner party themed around the show. Eatocracy has an article and full menu to inspire your tastebuds and your imagination while you watch along on Sunday.
  • SF Signal has the lineup for Geek and Sundry season 2. I’m interested in seeing what Felicia’s Ark will be about. It’s also exciting to see them try out their first animated series (though the musical element doesn’t appeal to me very much). And naturally, the big one in their stable since The Guild is (apparently) over, Table Top! Cheers to her and hoping that it’s another successful year.