Morning Cuppa – 04/01/13 – JJ Abrams! Neil Gaiman! Announcements!!!!

It’s a morning full of blockbuster announcements at the cuppa, with all this great news, I’m heading into work soon to tender my resignation.

  • JJ Abrams, has FINALLY agreed to come and write a guest post on my blog (about time, Jaje!). Look for an exclusive announcement about the Star Trek/Star Wars crossover that’s being planned. One hint: how does Spock survive a Wookie attack?
  • Speaking of big announcements, Neil Gaiman will begin narrating my blog. Starting on April 22nd he’ll drop in every day to read the Morning Cuppa! He’s even agreed to read all the links that I send people off to from here! Thanks Gaim-ster!
  • I’ve saved the biggest news for last. One of my friends secretly submitted my manuscript of my first novel to a publisher who I can’t name yet and they’ve accepted it in unedited form! I got an email from them praising my experimental ‘raw’ style. We’re still working out the deets but I’ll be sure to post an update when I can!