Morning Cuppa – 04/03/13 – Iain Banks. The future of D&D! Being ok with being slow!

Rough news to share this morning, sorry folks:

  • Sad news this morning as Iain Banks announced that he has terminal gall bladder cancer and is not expected to live more than a few months to a year. He posted the announcement on his blog but since it is down right now, you can read more at the BBC.
  • Did you know that GeekDad split with Wired? Ethan Gilsdorf posted his essay that he wrote for the launch of Gygax Magazine about the future of tabletop gaming. It’s heavy on nostalgia and has a hat tip at the end towards what the future may hold and how we can preserve the pastime of storytelling.
  • Finally, Janice Hardy writes a piece on how it’s okay to take a break from writing (or blogging). There’s no subtext here, other than my own reflection on the pace that my novel writing has taken lately. It’s always reassuring to hear other writers say it’s okay to take a break from time to time. Last year I wrote my first novel. I stressed over it, I lived it, I loved my characters and loathed them. And then in December, I finished my first draft. Since then, it’s been pretty slow going, which has added another degree of stress that I didn’t anticipate happening. I’ve had to learn to go easy on myself and allow time for my brain and creative impulses to recover. Now, roughly five months after I finished my first novel, I feel like things are on track for my second. If anyone wanted to take the mass of pulp that is my first and clean it up and make it look pretty I wouldn’t object though!