Morning Cuppa – 04/05/13 – Clarke Awards! Michael Stackpole on NSB! GoT in Facebook format!

Happy Friday folks, we’re almost to the blessed weekend where we’ll all party too hard and come back worse for the wear on Monday.

  • The Clarke Awards shortlist was announced yesterday and many were surprised to see that it was occupied solely by men. Folks were even more surprised when they found out that the committee involved in the selection was all women. Liz Williams, who was a member of the judging panel and a self-described feminist, wrote on the Guardian that the problem was more with the submissions they received falling more in the fantasy realm than in scifi. She stated with some pride that the selections this year were a return to the “sensawunda” and critical thought that many have complained has been lacking in previous years. She also said that, “as a feminist, I am opposed to including women writers in shortlists just because they are female.”
  • Michael Stackpole writes in regards to the terms of the Night Shade Books deal, thanks but no thanks. The terms that he and all the other NSB authors are being asked to agree to aren’t incentive enough for him to agree. He outlines a staggering reduction in royalties and a hazy view of what his rights are to some formats of his material as key reasons.
  • My partner, Juliette, lead me to this post that is a recap of the Game of Thrones season 3 premier, pretty funny stuff.
  • Considering his enormous cultural importance and the fact that he was a brilliant mind and a great human being, it feels only appropriate that I should mention the passing of Roger Ebert, at the age of 70, to cancer.