Morning Cuppa – 04/08/13 – Writing and longevity! BooksOnBoard! Sexism!

Let me know what you thought of the second episode of Game of Thrones over at my twitter! I’d love to talk about it but don’t want to spoil it for anyone here in the cuppa.

  • I pray to the old gods and the new </gameofthronesreference> that when I’m 90 I have the presence of mind to sit down and work on a novel. The Passive Voice picked up this article about Elizabeth Jane Howard who, at 90 still gets up every morning to write. Not only does she write but she has published 15 novels, sold over a million copies in her most popular series and the BBC is running a 45 part dramatization of her series. Good health!
  • Indie ebook seller BooksOnBoard has shut down their store amidst rumors of non-payment to publishers. If you’ve purchased any books through them you should probably head over to their site now and download them before the site is completely shut down.
  • The games industry has some serious issues with misogyny and sexism, but so too does the tabletop games, rpg games and scifi/fantasy genres. This essay, on Rock, Paper, Shotgun has some food for thought that is specifically about the video game industry but could easily translate to all of our other passions as well. It’s worth the read, especially (as an ally) for the part about accusations of ‘white knighting’.

This particular response is designed to undermine the writer, not only suggesting that caring about equality is something inherently driven by a desire for sex/validation, but that the very idea of caring at all is so unrealistic. Either the accuser cannot conceive of the notion of caring about another’s rights independently of one’s own gratification, or they are so fearful of the potential of equality that they’re driven to undermine those who argue for it. Either way, if you’re typing the words “white knight”, you’re revealing more about your own peculiar understanding of how humans interact than anything else.