Morning Cuppa – 04/09/13 – Night Shade! Scott Turow tin foil hat! Human Division season 2!

  • The negotiations continue with the Night Shade Books authors and Skyhorse/Start. After continuing talks, phone calls and conversations with authors, agents and the SFWA, Skyhorse/Start have amended the terms of their original offer as detailed on io9. John Scalzi, president of the SFWA, said of the new deal,

    “After continuing talks with Skyhorse/Start, SFWA is pleased that the companies have decided to adjust the royalty terms in their author agreement to be more in line with industry standards for Science Fiction and Fantasy. We see this as a positive sign that they are listening to authors and are responsive to their concerns, and we hope that continues. SFWA has remained in close communication with our members who are directly affected by the sale of Night Shade Books assets and will continue to provide them with information and support.”

  • On Sunday author and president of the Author’s Guild, Scott Turow, published an op-ed with the New York Times called, “The Slow Death of the American Author.” He detailed a very grim view of the state of publishing where authors, especially mid-list authors, are under attack from all sides. Google, Amazon and pirates are on the doorstep, ready to batter their way into the homes of authors and steal everything of value. As a person who is new to the publishing industry, his article raised my hackles and had me second guessing any possible future I might have.
    Thankfully cooler, and much more experienced, heads prevail. I asked Tobias Buckell what the deal was and he told me to hang tight, some good counterpoints were on their way. And so they were.
    Mike Masnick at Tech Dirt said of Turow that he’s, “a brilliant author, but an absolute disaster as the Luddite-driven head of the Authors’ Guild. During his tenure, he’s done a disservice to authors around the globe by basically attacking everything new and modern — despite any opportunities it might provide — and talked up the importance of going back to physical books and bookstores.” The counterpoints in that article are pretty strong and they helped to put a lot of my fears to rest.
  • Good news for fans of the Human Division by John Scalzi, it has been renewed for a second ‘season,’ as in, another serialized novel has been contracted.