Morning Cuppa – 04/10/13 – Brian K Vaughan! NOOKPress! Aliens in our DNA!

I hope that today sees Apple reversing course on a decision they’ve made. Having experienced the arbitrary decision-making process first hand when submitting apps, it is incredibly frustrating, especially since they offer no chance of appeal. With any luck, they’ll get a drubbing in the press all day today.

  • Brian K Vaughan, whose comic ‘Y: The Last Man’ I just happen to be reading right now has found himself in a censorship dispute with Apple over the latest comic in his current series, Saga. Because of a couple of panels depicting homosexual sex, Apple pulled the comic from iTunes. Now before you say, ‘well, maybe it was just for showing anything graphic,’ there have been other instances in this same series of heterosexual sex, including an orgy that passed by the censors without issue. Check out more on and how you can find copies of the comic outside of iTunes.
  • Barnes & Noble have revamped their PubIt! service and renamed it NOOKPress. TechCrunch calls it, “more of a destination than KDP, akin to a blend between an iBooks Author and a simple upload and publish tool.” As one of the only remaining competitors to Amazon’s monopoly, and a flagging one at that, I’m hopeful that this picks up their competitive edge, rather than being too little, too late.
  • I loved this article from Discovery magazine about a theory from a scientific journal that asked, ‘what if our DNA contains a coded message from an alien civilization?’ It’s pretty out there and would probably make a great scifi book (if someone recalls this being used before please leave a note in the comments). The biggest problem I see with it, and that the author mentions towards the end is that it automatically brings to mind Intelligent Design- that belief held by certain Christians that life (and in this case, DNA) is far too complicated to have come about without the machinations of an outside agent.

Saw this on Gawker today, from XKCD: