Morning Cuppa – 04/12/13 – Space! Extinction! Chuck Wendig!

It’s Friday, and I’m talking about space! And Chuck Wendig! And launching Chuck Wendig into space!

  • DOOOM. At least if you think that Stephen Hawking is a smart enough guy to drop this sort of knowledge on us: humanity will go extinct within this millennium if we don’t start moving into space.bruce-willis-armageddon While the prognosis may seem grim, it’s a great kick in the ass for all of us to start thinking more proactively about space exploration.
  • Also in space news, NASA is floating a plan to ‘shrink wrap’ an asteroid and bring it into lunar orbit. It sounds like an interesting possibility for bringing more resources — AND ALIEN MICROBES — into the planet. Of course, the cretins in congress will probably choke on the price tag, so we’ll see how far this plan goes. Maybe getting Bruce Willis to be the spokesperson will help?
  • If you’re in South Florida, as I most definitely am in a corporeal sense, you may be interested to know that author Chuck Wendig will be in town tomorrow, Saturday the 13th at 11:30 at the Stranahan House in Fort Lauderdale. He’ll be doing a reading, signing, and some pantsless dancing while we throw unripened mangoes at him.