Morning Cuppa – 04/17/13 – David Mamet self pubs! ALA most challenged books! From brain to bookshelf!


  • Just after Neil Gaiman’s speech at the London Book Fair, the Gray Lady published an article about literary juggernaut David Mamet taking a cue from genre authors and jumping into the self-pub business. When someone of his stature makes that sort of decision you can almost feel the tremor reverberate through the publishing world. Times they are a changin’ folks.
  • The American Library Association has released their annual list of most challenged books. Included are children’s books, Fifty Shades of Grey and one by Sherman Alexie and Toni Morrison.
  • There’s a fascinating look at the writing process from “Brain to Bookshelf” today over on Janice Hardy’s blog. Guest blogger Tiffany Reisz shows how she took her book The Mistress from inception to in-stores. I have to admit, my mind was boggled by the amount of work she accomplished in such a short amount of time, especially weeks where she went through four different drafts. Not to mention that she wrote a 109,000 word book in four months. Favorite quote, after she just finished her second draft, “It is, to say the least, a jacked-up piece of shit. But at least I have something to work with.” That makes me feel better about where I am with my own writing!