Morning Cuppa – 04/18/13 – Patton Oswalt! Bladelstar Runactica! Scifi in education!


  • Locus reports that Skyhorse/Start have acquired another small publication, Underland Press. As you’ll recall, Skyhorse is the company that is in talks to pick up Night Shade Books.
  • Blade Runner meets Battlestar Galactica? This is allegedly what AMC is working on developing right now with a show called Ballistic City. It’s about the seedy underbelly of a city that is housed within a galactic ship. I kind of shy away from projects that are described as one famous thing combined with another famous thing. It just feels like they haven’t bothered taking the time to properly configure the marketing for it, which leads me to wonder how much time they’ve taken on the show itself. Nevertheless, I’m willing to give it a shot.
  • In an age of rapidly defunded education, it’s nice to see that some folks are still fighting for the minds of future generations. West Virginia State House Representative Ray Canterbury (R) has introduced legislature that would require science fiction literature to be read  as part of the curricula in middle grade and high school classes to inspire more interest in math and the sciences. I don’t know anything about this guy but on this issue, he’s got my vote.