Morning Cuppa – 04/22/13 – Ben Peek! Barry Eisler! Star Wars speed run!

Good morning folks, 34 years ago today my mom gave birth to a cone-headed baby boy. I know some of you have always wondered what planet I’m from and while I can’t say for sure, I can say that it’s been a strange journey but a pretty good one so far.

  • Ben Peek announced on his blog today that he has signed a six figure, multi-book deal with Tor UK for world rights to his Children trilogy. The first book, Immolation will be published in Spring 2014. I’ve been following Ben’s blog since around 2007 and am elated to see this happen.
  • Author Barry Eisler apparently ruffled a lot of feathers at the Pike’s Peak Writer’s Conference this past weekend. As a keynote at the conference, he gave a speech that is essentially summed up thusly:

    The primary value-add offered by legacy publishers has traditionally been paper distribution. Certainly legacy publishers offer many other services (much of which is outsourced) — editorial, copyediting, proofreading, book packaging, and marketing, to name the most obvious — but the primary service, the one the others are built on, has always been paper distribution.

    In response a number of agents and folks who work for traditional publishing got in a huff and started posting some gripes on Twitter. I’ll let you read the blog post for more details but it does encapsulate the sort of fear that I see from long term members of the section of the publishing industry that I work in. And frankly, it is scary. But denying the reality is not going to preserve your place in the future, in fact it’s almost certain to seal you on one side of a barrier that is rather uncomfortable.
    I’d love to become a traditionally published author but the more time goes on, the less I would want a traditional publisher to have anything to do with the electronic distribution of my books.

  • And now, the Star Wars speed run: