Morning Cuppa – 04/23/13 – World Book Night! Scapple! Demons at the dinner table!

Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes yesterday!

  • Today, or tonight, or both is World Book Night. Every April 23rd rogue readers go about sharing their favorite books FOR FREE with complete strangers. Why? To promote the simple pleasure of reading in our society.
  • Scapple is the newest project by the Literature and Latte folks (they who made the best writing app ever created, Scrivener). It’s mind mapping software, available for free to test, $14.99 to buy. Sort of like those brainstorming sheets from middle school, it allows you to quickly jot down notes and create connections between ideas.
  • Ethan Gilsdorf shares a video clip on Geek Dad of the 700 Club that was NOT filmed in 1986 but in 2013 where Pat Robertson resurrects the demonic specter of Dungeons & Dragons. I originally went on a long rant about the horrors of how growing up when people like him were considered culturally relevant sucked, ie, the 80’s. But no, instead I’ll just say, thank god, gods, universe, or complete nothingness, whatever your predilection, that most people now consider dear old Pat to be a giant wang and nothing more.