Morning Cuppa – 04/25/13 – Wikipedia and women novelists! Literary agents! Happy birthday Juliette!

Today is my partner, Juliette’s birthday, happy 34 baby!

  • Looks like there’s been a shit storm on Wikipedia as some of the site’s editors have made the interesting choice of removing women from the American Novelists page to a subpage of American Women Novelists. The reasoning is that the original page was getting too crowded and they were trying to place authors in subpages where possible. Then someone had the genius idea to remove all the women, leaving an American Novelists page that is only populated by men. The linked Guardian article says that Wikipedia’s volunteer editors have begun moving them back today.
  • In case you weren’t aware, I’m no expert on the field of publishing. I work in one quadrant of it, far away from the novels and authors that I usually discuss here. A lot of my posts here are sharing and documenting for myself what the themes in the industry seem to be so that when that magical day comes when I feel confident enough to let my books out into the wild, I’ll have some idea of the shape of things. So here’s a counterpoint from Will Weaver on Huffington about why agents are still a necessary thing. (via Passive Voice)
  • Forbes asks the question, are self-pub authors control freaks?