Morning Cuppa – 04/26/13 – Mood music! #womentoread! Konrath on Patterson!

This has been a great birthday week for Juliette and I (yes, by odd coincidence, we were born three days apart). We’ve been spoiled too much by friends and family and are very grateful for all the birthday wishes. Have a great weekend.

  • One of my passions is gaming. Board games, card games and yes, especially role playing games. One of the guys that I used to game with played the soundtrack to Conan to set the mood all the time. It was cool, but changes between songs seemed disjointed and only sometimes fit the mood of the game. So when I came upon this kickstarter by Plate Mail Games this morning of MP3 background loops it grabbed my attention. Some of the samples that they have up now are the medieval inn, dungeon sounds, pirate ship and more. Do you have a favorite gaming soundtrack?
  • Kari Sperring started the hashtag #womentoread on Twitter a few days ago to raise the profile of women writers because, “It is a fact that books by women are reviewed less frequently than books by men, and that prestigious review locales pay less attention to women than men.” Since then it’s taken off. One of my favorite #womentoread is Robin McKinley who taught me at a very young age that you don’t have to be a man, nor have a man as your protagonist, to write an awesome epic fantasy.
  • It only took a couple of days and there’s already been a rebuttal to James Patterson’s ads that have been running very high profile in publishing magazines and talked about extensively online. The Passive Voice gives a signal boost to Joe Konrath’s response to Patterson. Among his responses:

    “what will happen to our literature?”
    Perhaps writers will write it? Aren’t they the ones who wrote all of those books on that list?
    One of those books mentioned above was Different Seasons by Stephen King. Does anyone think King will quit writing because the publishing world keeps changing and evolving? Is there anything that could get him to stop writing?
    There are thousands of authors self-publishing. I’m sure some of them are writing great, important literature.