Morning Cuppa – 04/29/13 – Self publishing! Amazon draws a line! Steam powered AT-AT!

Since my partner and I are born three days apart, our birthday celebrations usually stretch out into a week long hullaballoo (I’m certain that’s the first time I’ve used that word in this blog). So due to some, uh, issues with weariness and dehydration, I took the weekend off. Fret not my 4 readers! I have returned!

  • Over on Amazing Stories, Michael Sullivan details the ‘50 Shades of Self Publishing‘ and why it’s so hard to making sweeping generalizations about it. From the hobbyist, to the hybrid, to the unworthy… which one are you?
  • Speaking of self publishing, Amazon decided to draw a line in the sand with their KDP store and required that all submitting authors have at least 2500 word submissions or their books would be removed. There’s been a mixed reaction with some people feeling like it’s a good thing because it can feel misleading to pay full price for a book and end up with a short story (Amazon doesn’t have an average page count in the description, just a listed file size which can be thrown off by graphics).  Others feel like without an open self publishing route to the Amazon Singles market (your submission must be accepted by Amazon), they have little choice but to use the KDP.
  • I don’t get too much into steampunk but this steam powered AT-AT is pretty freaking cool.