Morning Cuppa – 05/02/13 – Author Solutions sued! Book trailers! Science felonies!


  • News this morning is that a class action lawsuit has been filed against Author Solutions Inc. and Penguin Group USA.

    Allegations include breach of contract, unjust enrichment, various violations of the California Business and Professional Code, and violation of New York General Business Law.

  • Is this a new take on the (now) old book trailer? On the cusp of the release of the Catching Fire movie release, Scholastic is asking fans to submit videos of themselves explaining why they love the Hunger Games trilogy. I could see this working out well for already established authors, could this be an approach that reinvigorates the idea of book trailers?
  • Have you been arrested for practicing science lately? I don’t often share stories like this one, but it’s just too messed up for me not to share. A student at a Miami high school was recently arrested and expelled from school after conducting an experiment in a science class which caused the cap to pop off of a bottle. The young girl, who was an A-student without any disciplinary issues, created the old Drano bomb by mixing the solution with aluminum foil. By her own principal’s admission,

    “She told us everything and was very honest… We had a long conversation with her,” where [the student] explained that she’d done it to see the chemical reaction it produced, “and was shocked by what it did.” In Pritchard’s opinion, “She made a bad choice. Honestly, I don’t think she meant to ever hurt anyone.” ”She is a good kid,” he told a local news outlet, “She has never been in trouble before. Ever.”

    But now she’s facing adult felony charges, which could fuck up her potential for financial aid and scholarships, not to mention admission to universities.