Morning Cuppa – 05/15/13 – Classic D&D modules! Agent red flags!


  • I haven’t stopped by Geek Dad in a while, so I was happy to see them post a link in their Twitter feed this morning highlighting the 10 best classic D&D modules, this one is S2: White Plume Mountain. Reading through the description of this old module makes me unbelievably nostalgic. I’d love to pick up a copy of OSRIC or better yet, Dungeon Crawl Classics and run through a couple of these some time… 
  • Author Dahlia Adler writes on her blog about red flags to watch for when you’re pitching agents. By far the most helpful to me:
    • If the agent’s selling something. Remember YOG’s Law: money flows towards the author. Not away. If an agent says your work needs editing and then conveniently has a company that they frequently work with, you should question their motivations.
    • If the way they speak to you is unprofessional in other words, rude, and you’re for some reason willing to put up with that from anyone, consider for a moment how they must talk to publishers. Sometimes it can be hard to know where to draw the line, especially if you’re trying to get in the door. But if someone doesn’t respect you from the start then why would they after you’ve already shown them that you’ll put up with their bad behavior?