Morning Cuppa – 05/17/13 – Quit your dayjob! Best scifi evar! Reading your own reviews!

Today is actually Saturday, I know it. It’s a Saturday wearing Friday’s pantsuit and I’m not too happy about it. D’: 

  • So, you ready to quit your day job, throw all your centavos in and make writing your full time gig? Writer’s Digest has a handy little checklist before you go making any rash decisions. For me, #3: yea auld sword of Damocles is the killer… having a sensible financial plan. Because savings? ::Turns pockets inside out to allow the moths out::
  • Worlds Without End put together an astounding list of the best scifi novels of all time, using 28 different best-of and recommended lists. It’s a really interesting look at the history of the genre, and I do mean history, as it’s a little surprising that there was nothing newer than 1990 on it.
  • Reading reviews of your own book. For me, on that day when I finally release my book into the wild, I think I’ll take this advice and avoid them. How do you deal with reviews?