Morning Cuppa – 05/28/13 – 90% of everything is crap! Amazon Fanfic! Indies in stores!

I feel a little more like an adult this weekend. The missus and I bought a new to us car under my name. While I’m excited about it, it does mean staring down the barrel of some very real 5 year debt. Ah well, it does add some much desired freedom!

  • Tobias Buckell has a really great article about why 90% of the advice you hear right now about writing and selling ebooks is pretty much bullshit. Be careful, it may shatter some illusions, but there are valuable lessons here.
  • So last week to everyone’s surprise and to some people’s horror, Amazon opened up their KDP program to fanfic. Sounds like 65% of the profits for fanfic will be split between the copyright holder and Amazon, and the rights to the work are handed over by the fanfic writer. It should then come as no surprise that writers, writer’s associations and even writers of fanfic are kind of upset by the deal.
  • Hey indie writer! It may be possible for you (yes you!) to get your books into bookstores! There are some quotes from Kris Rusch and Dean Wesley Smith in there, two powerhouses who know what they’re doing… read it and decide for yourself, I’m kind of skeptical right now.