Morning Cuppa – 06/04/13 – Nightshade officially sold! Freelance editors! HWA makeover!


  • The Nightshade Books debacle has officially ended with Skyhorse/Start acquiring the publication. They will continue using the Nightshade Books name as an imprint. The agreement was reached after a lot of very public debate about the issue, with authors being both supportive and timid about the new deal. Ultimately some royalties and other contract terms were adjusted, which a majority of authors under Nightshade supported, allowing the deal to pass. Here is the full coverage from my blog if you want any more background on the story. Good luck to everyone who is publishing with them, I hope this is the last we hear about this issue!
  • The Writer Unboxed community recently had an online debate about hiring freelance editors. This is particularly timely for me as I slog through my own edits, often times blindly, and wonder if I should try pooling together the resources to ask for some help. There’s a good summation of the debate here, as well as some feedback from the author/editor who found herself in the center of the debate.
    Have you ever payed or considered paying for editorial services? Has it been copyediting, developmental, substantive or proofreading? Were you happy with the results?
  • The Horror Writers Association website got a makeover recently, go check out their new design.