Morning Cuppa – 06/05/13 – Twin Peaks! Writing frustrations! Fables movie!


  • True to form, I’m being struck by the Baader-Meinhoff phenomenon after having recently started rewatching Twin Peaks. It seems like everywhere I look now, folks are talking about it. Is this really happening or is it just cognitive bias?
    Just this past week, jazz trio Bookhouse released a new album, Ghostwood, which features re-imaginings of some of show composer Angelo Badalamenti‘s original music.
    Also, for any Twin Peaks freaks out there, rumors are firing up again that a revisit to the weird town are still possible.
  • Lately I’ve been a little frustrated with the amount of time I can allot to writing. Editing has really been eating up all the time I used to have and I find myself wishing I could just get back to the process of more pure creation. I was whining (not my finest moment) about this over on Gareth Powell’s blog and he responded with more patience than I probably deserved and pointed me to another post where he talks about balancing work and writing. Thanks Gareth!
  • Word from io9 is that there will be a Fables movie. Fans of the comic rejoice! Or recoil in horror for what Hollywood will probably end up doing to your beloved series.
  • Should authors who have pubbed their ebooks with a traditional publisher earn a higher royalty rate?