Morning Cuppa – 06/06/13 – Con season! New gigs! Amazon v Indie!


  • Sigh… networking. I’m not a completely socially awkward geek, however I do have my moments. And networking– I just have no idea how to make this happen in any natural sort of way. I’ve gone to business conventions, writer’s conventions, gaming conventions and still networking is one of my weakest elements. Since Gen Con is right around the corner, and they (almost covertly) have one of the largest SF writing workshops in the country, it’s a great opportunity to meet successful authors.
    It’s almost a crime that I get a two-for-one convention with Gen Con, combining my love of gaming and writing. So if, like me, you’re clueless on how to break the ice, and what proper etiquette is after the ice is broken, Tim Waggoner has some good advice for you.
  • In the last day, I’ve been invited to start writing for two different publications. I’m really excited for the opportunity, though they’re not paying gigs, it is still kind of cool. I’ve got nothing on either one yet, but they are Medium and Amazing Stories. I’ll link them up as I get some stuff up there. And just a reminder, this past month I also began blogging for Apex!
  • Following a de facto bailout by France for its independent bookshops, British shops want their government to start looking at Amazon and the damage it’s causing (British booksellers are closing up shop at a rate of about one a week). Considering that in the US there’s actually a reverse trend happening, with indie shops opening up, is there something else at work here? Amazon raises my hackles too but what if they’re not the reason (or the major reason) this is happening? Just a hypothetical.
  • Speaking of Amazon and indie bookstores, there’s a push going on right now by the retail giant to start getting their Kindles into indie bookstores.