Morning Cuppa – 06/07/13 – Wiretapping that ass! Big pub will fail! Don’t do this on Twitter!


  • Hey, so remember that police state that the Patriot Act created back in 2001? e94dd54b13360d13340f6a7067000493Yep, it’s still humming along! If you squint hard you can just make out the NSA workers waving through the blacked-out glass of the Utah Data Centere. Some people are, like U.S. Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, are sad (look at that frown!) that Americans would be angry that their calls to phone sex lines and aunt Eunice are being collected. Who really enforces the Bill of Rights anymore, anyways?
  • Will big publishers make it in the ebook world? Probably not, and this article lists of reasons why (warning: heavy on the ‘death of publishing’). The points about trad pub being a lumbering behemoth that doesn’t understand the first thing about publishing in a digital age are particularly relevant.

    Remember when Penguin started up Book Country? And we were kinda enthusiastic for a while, because it was something new at least, but it was not very user friendly? And then it started offering mediocre and largely overpriced publishing packages? And then Penguin bought Author Solutions, the company that makes a living by ripping off authors, and integrated their overpriced crap into Book Country?
    Yeah. That’s what I mean, right there.

  • Now for your horror and amusement, I present to you how NOT to use Twitter if you’re an author:badtweetI really hope that this is the fault of his publisher and not something that this guy thought would get him more sales. I’ll give it to him, it got him some coverage… and if you believe that any coverage is good coverage well, mission accomplished.
  • Finally: Oh my god you fucking geeks, will you get your shit together? Why is it that in 2013 people still think it’s okay to sexually harass or belittle people who are in costume at cons?