Morning Cuppa – 06/10/13 – RIP Iain Banks. Ocean at the End of the Lane! Join my journaling challenge!

As some of you may have noticed, I took the weekend off from the cuppa. My partner and I took a little weekend getaway in Vero Beach and got embarrassingly sun burnt. As a Florida resident for going on 8 years now, there’s really no excuse for it but it was one of those deceptive overcast days where you’re thinking, why would I need sunscreen today? Anyways, hope your week is shaping up well.

  • Iain Banks has passed away. Because of the vacation weekend, I”m only finding out about this now, via Neil Gaiman’s blog where he wrote an thoughtful and heartfelt response to Banks’s death.
  • Speaking of Gaiman, there’s a no-spoilers review of his The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Damien Walter, which begins with an interesting premise. Walter draws the distinction that with truly great SF, there’s an underlying element or theme that runs through an author’s work. With Tolkien it was his need to process the events of the first World War. With Gaiman, Walter sees a trend toward the father figure which is continued in this, his latest adult work. It seems like everyone I know on twitter has already read and raved about this book. If, like me, you’re one of the norms that don’t get advanced reader copies, it will be released on June 18.
  • Journaling. Do you do it? I once kept a journal for almost 5 solid years, between using a notebook and an online resource. Sometimes I wonder if I ended up with anything to show for it, other than a clearer understanding of myself. As my writing dance card is filling up (I’m beginning to blog for three different publications, maintain this one, and continue to work on my novels) I’m thinking it’s time to resurrect my journal as a place to play with ideas again and help me come up with blog and story ideas.
    So, starting this week and for thirty days, I’m going to attempt to journal once a day, every day. On July 11th, I’ll report back and assess whether it felt like a worthwhile use of my time. Care to join me?